Extended Absence – We’re Moving!

Our apologies to all of BudgetBunny’s readers for our extended absence.

The Bb household is moving! After spending a month renovating our home, we went on the market for only a few days before receiving an offer! Next we found our dream home which will be the perfect place for Mr. Bb, the Fur Family and I to call home! Packing and getting ready to move has taken up most of our time these days which has left me with no spare time to work on the blog.

Unfortunately our dates to move out and move in didn’t line up so some of the Fur Family will be in my care while I stay at my parents. The others will be in the care of some lovely family and friends. As soon as our month of in-between is over and we take possession of our home, all of the furries will be coming to join us!

We promise to be back up and running as soon as we can! We hope to be settled in to our new home mid-July!! Until then, please continue to enjoy the blog, our YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook page. We have been trying to post at least one photo/update a day on our Facebook page to try and keep everyone in the loop.

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Rabbits Are Not Easter Gifts!


With Easter just around the corner, I wanted to remind everyone about the time, care and dedication that pet rabbit’s require.

Every year thousands of rabbits, baby chicks, ducks and guinea pigs are purchased as adorable Easter pets only to be ditched weeks later at shelters or abandoned outdoors when the child they were purchased for tires of them. 

Rabbits are a 10 year commitment.  They require at least 3-6 hours of free range exercise time daily.  Store bought cages are not large enough to house your rabbit and provide all of the necessities he/she needs to be happy and healthy.  Rabbits love to chew and dig so if you don’t properly rabbit proof your house cords, carpet, clothing, bedding and furniture can all become victims to what is a natural instinct.  When they reach their teenager years (usually starting around 4-6 months of age) they will develop some nasty habits like lunging, growling, humping and marking their territory if you don’t have them spayed or neutered.  Rabbits are social animals who require constant interaction with you or preferably another fixed rabbit.  Rabbits need a constant supply of hay as well as pellets and fresh veggies fed daily and should see a vet at least once a year for a check-up.

If you are seriously considering adding a rabbit to your family, please do your research and consider visiting your local rescue about a month after Easter has passed. This will be when those cute and cuddly Easter rabbits start showing up on their doorstep.

I would like to also remind everyone that rabbits are the third most abandoned animal at shelters after cats and dogs.

So this year, resist the temptation and opt for a chocolate or stuffed Easter bunny instead! 

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Bunday Sunday!


Submitted By: Kim

This is Haru, a 6 month old Dutch Dwarf. Haru loves to investigate and is also quite interested in becoming friends with Kim’s cat Dagda. Dagda of course doesn’t know what to think! Kim says one of her favourite things about Haru are her eyes. She has one that is half blue and the other is half blue and half black. She says that Haru is incredibly sweet and of course completely adorable!

Thanks Kim!

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Bunny Lounging


Us bunnies are all business. And today’s focus is serious lounging.


Sometimes we enjoy a good flop in our condo after a hard day of playing.


Sometimes we enjoy an afternoon siesta in our favourite play areas.

IMG_0408And sometimes we just want some extra lovin’ from our Mom!

Hoppy Monday!

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Bunday Sunday!


Submitted By: Katie

Meet Rosie, an adorable 4 year old Mini-Lop! Many of you may recognize Rosie from her YouTube channel RosieBunneh. Rosie is always surprising Katie with her daily antics and new tricks! She has also been featured in the photo section of the UK magazine “Small Furry Pets”. Katie says she is so proud of Rosie for being such a lovely and well-known rabbit and couldn’t imagine life without her!

Thanks Katie!

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HEALTH CHECK: Tips For A Healthy Bunny Nose!


Being prey animals, rabbits are experts at hiding illnesses, often until it’s too late. A rabbit’s nose however, can tell you a lot about their health and be an excellent indication of whether scheduling a vet visit is needed!

Scabs: Does your rabbit’s nose have scabs on or around it? Do these look like scratches that have bled and healed or like sore lesions? Rabbits are fastidious groomers so keeping nails short and trimmed can prevent your rabbit from scratching itself. Some people also find that filing their rabbit’s nails down with a small nail file helps prevent this – if your rabbit will sit still long enough! If you notice that along with the scratches the area surrounding the nose has dry flakey skin or a dandruff type appearance to it, then it is possible your rabbit is suffering from fur mites. Killing mites requires ivermectin or selemectin treatments – both of which can be administered by your vet after doing a skin analysis. If the scabs you are seeing have a cold sore like appearance to them and are surrounding the nose and mouth, your rabbit may have something called treponematosis or ‘rabbit syphilis’. This would also require treatment from your veterinarian. In this case, you may also notice these types of sores around your rabbit’s genital area. If the scab appears to be more of a small growth you could be looking at an abscess – which your vet would need to drain and treat with antibiotics.

Runny Nose: Does your rabbit’s nose often appear runny? Is the discharge clear or coloured? Rabbits have extremely sensitive respiratory systems. If your rabbit’s nose is leaking regularly but is clear and watery in colour and doesn’t have other accompanying characteristics such as heavy breathing, loss of appetite or lethargy, then it could be a result of your rabbit’s living environment. A runny nose can often be a primary indication that a scent is irritating your rabbit. Softwood beddings such as cedar and pine should be avoided for this reason. The strong aromatic oils these shavings give off can be extremely dangerous to your rabbit’s health. Similarly, strong scented bedding, air fresheners, essential oils, perfume/cologne and even washing your rabbit’s beds or bedding in a strongly scented laundry detergent can irritate your rabbit. Urine buildup can also bother your rabbit’s nasal passage so make sure you are doing regular cage and litterbox cleaning. If the discharge is coloured, has blood in it or is thick and slimy then a trip to the vet is required. Your rabbit may be suffering from a upper respiratory infection (URI) which needs to be treated as quickly as possible. Blood in the nose could also indicate a tumour, an advanced URI or a more serious illness so act quickly.

Crusty Nose: Is your rabbit’s nose free of crust or buildup? If your rabbit’s nose appears crusty this could be dried mucus which is an indication of a URI or other bacterial infection. It can also be a symptom of rabbit syphilis if accompanied by the scabbed areas mentioned above. Having your vet run a culture to determine the type of bacteria will narrow down the illness and from there they can recommend the proper course of treatment.

Dry: If your rabbit’s nose and the fur around it is looking dry and flakey then the most likely cause is fur mites. Mites can be pesky, living in hay and bedding, so not only is a vet visit required to treat the symptoms but thoroughly cleaning your rabbit’s cage and surrounding area will help eliminate any left behind.

Clean: Is your rabbit’s nose clean and fresh looking? Is there any debris stuck in or around it? Sometimes hay can get lodged in your rabbit’s nasal cavity. If this happens and the piece of hay is sticking out of your rabbit’s nose you can gently remove the hay with a small pair of tweezers. Having someone hold your rabbit still while you remove the particle of hay is essential to ensure you don’t hurt your rabbit. If you can tell something is lodged in your rabbit’s nose but you can not easily remove it please see your vet! You could very easily do some permanent damage by attempting to remove it yourself. If your rabbit’s nose has small amounts of poop on it then this could indicate that your rabbit has an upset stomach. Rabbits create two types of feces. One of these is called cecotropes which they will ingest for ultimate nutrient absorption. When your rabbit’s digestive tract is irritated it can cause soft or unformed stools. You may want to start tracking when this is happening and what types of foods you are feeding to determine what is causing the gut issues your rabbit is experiencing.

Remember that illnesses in rabbits can be serious and life threatening when left untreated. Many are also contagious so it is often recommended to treat all rabbits living in the same area or to separate one from the other. Rabbit illnesses that affect the nose are not limited to the possibilities mentioned above. you are concerned by any behaviours your rabbit is displaying please seek the advice of your rabbit savvy vet.

Thank you to Skinnypigs1 for allowing us to use her photo for this article. You can subscribe to her channel on YouTube as well as ‘Like’ her Facebook page.

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Chin Wars


The first thing I do when Mom lets me out for the day? Rub my chin on everything!


I have scent glands under my chin so when I rub things it tells other bunnies this is mine!


Like this box for instance. I love this box and now it’s mine.


I have to make sure to cover all entrances. Otherwise someone might try to claim it as their own!

IMG_0412Oh and just in case you didn’t know, Honey is mine too!

Hoppy Monday!

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Bunday Sunday!


Submitted By: Ellen

This is 2 1/2 year old Precious. Ellen says she is incredibly sweet, loving and well behaved. Precious was at a kill shelter where her time was up. Through the help of a shelter staff member, Precious was given a second chance by being placed in a rescue instead. A few months later she found her forever home with Ellen! This is Ellen’s first rabbit but she has quickly fallen in love and can’t imagine Precious not being a part of her life. Precious loves plenty of cheek scratches, banana and fresh veggies.

Thanks Ellen!

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Best Time Of The Day?

Well veggie time of course!


Willow prefers to nibble politely on hers throughout the morning.


Ollie is all business and even gets his paws on there to yank out those tasty morsels!


Honey prefers the head tilt, angling herself to get those little pieces that are sliding out of the ball.

And Rocky waits for Honey to drop a piece before snatching it up!

Yum yum!

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Bunday Sunday!


Submitted By: Monica

Meet the adorable Chubbs! Unfortunately Chubbs’ background and age are unknown. Monica adopted this lovely boy from the Broward Humane Society, where he was brought after wandering around a local expressway! Monica says not only does his story of survival and resilience make him amazing, but he is also extremely loveable as well! Chubbs often climbs all over Monica, giving kisses and hanging out on her back! Monica says she can always count on Chubbs to put a smile on her face!

Thanks Monica!

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