Bunday Sunday!


Submitted By: Victoria

Meet Socks! An adorable bunny who got her name because of her one white paw! Socks can be shy around people she doesn’t know but loves to binky and is incredibly spoiled! She can also be a bit of a trouble maker and loves getting her way! This is Socks favourite way to lounge – completely spread out and super relaxed!

Thanks Victoria!

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FAQ Friday: Your Advice Questions Answered!


Hi Bb!

We were thinking about purchasing a large ball to put our bunny in so that he can run around safely without us having to bunny-proof our home. Are there any dangers with doing this?




Hi M,

Thank you for your question! Exercise balls should not be used for rabbits. There are none that are large enough for a rabbit, would not provide adequate ventilation and would force your rabbit to curve it’s spine at an awkward angle. Rabbits also don’t walk or run like small rodents do, they hop, which would make it extremely difficult for them to move around comfortably in a ball. I would suggest bunny proofing an area of your home so your rabbit can move around and stretch it’s legs naturally.

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Lots Of Hay For The New Year!


A few weeks ago, Mom and Dad braved a snowstorm to pick up 6 bales of farm fresh timothy hay from Bales4Bunnies! Hay is the most important part of our diet you know and should always be available in unlimited amounts!


When Mom and Dad got home they set to work dividing the hay in to storage containers and sacks. Now it’s taking over our house! There’s hay here…


…and here….


…and lots under here! There are even five more bins tucked under there full of the good stuff! I think we’ll be set for a while!

If you’re in the Peterborough area, you should check out their website:


My bunnies love their hay and you can’t beat the price!

- The Bb Buns

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Bunday Sunday!


Submitted By: Laura

This adorable duo is Honey & Ted! Honey is the Harlequin coloured rabbit and Ted is the dark brown bunny! Both are just shy of their second birthdays! Honey was in search of a friend and when Laura brought home Ted from a local rescue he and Honey immediately hit it off! These two love to binky around the living room together and snuggle during their down time!

You can also find Honey and Ted on Instagram at http://instagram.com/honeyandted

Thanks Laura!

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FAQ Friday: Your Advice Questions Answered!


Are rabbits rodents?



Hi R!

Rabbits are actually lagomorphs and not rodents. Interestingly enough rabbits were classified as rodents until the early 1900’s and the main difference between the two orders is the shape of their teeth!

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8 New Years Resolutions For You & Your Rabbit!

The holidays are behind us and life is returning to normal. Many of us find ourselves re-evaluating our goals and priorities at this time of year and making resolutions to better ourselves! But what about our pets?

Here are some great resolutions to implement in to your rabbit’s life! 

IMG_8541Diet & Exercise 

The holiday season can be an incredibly chaotic time of year and it can be easy to forget some of the most basic essentials our rabbit’s need to maintain a healthy and happy life. Hay and water should always be available in unlimited amounts while pellets should only make up about 5% of your rabbit’s daily diet. The general rule of thumb is approximately 1/4 cup of pellets per every 5lbs of rabbit. You can find more information on a rabbit’s diet here.

Your rabbit should also be getting a minimum of 3 hours of daily free range floor time to stretch their legs, explore and have some fun! Regular
exercise will keep them happy, prevent physical problems like poor muscle tone and weight gain as well as prevent behavioural problems.

Play With Your Pet

Winter is the perfect time to teach a new trick, try clicker training and make some fun and exciting toys for your rabbit. You can get some great ideas from our DIY Toy section here. Spending more quality time with your rabbit will help improve your bond and beat those January blahs!

IMG_9245Weekly Health Checks

When it’s busy this can be an easy one to forget, but a weekly health check is an essential preventative measure to catch health problems early! It’s also a great way to spend some quality time with your rabbit. During lap time give a gentle bunny massage and feel your rabbit’s body head to toe to make sure there aren’t any lumps and bumps you may have missed. This is also a great time to examine eyes, ears, nose and genital area to ensure everything looks fresh and clean. Don’t forget to check those nails and clip as needed.

Weekly weigh-ins are also a key indicator of early health issues. Being prey animals, rabbits can hide their illnesses well and sometimes we don’t catch on until it’s too late. Weight loss is often one of the first signs of illness so weighing your rabbit weekly will give you a base weight to then judge each additional weight off of in the future.

Schedule A Vet Trip

Annual checks aren’t mandatory in North America so this one often gets overlooked. Even if your rabbit appears to be in good health it is always a good idea to schedule an annual wellness check at your rabbit savvy vet. For more on finding the right vet for you click here. Your vet will check things that you may not be able to at home and may notice underlying health problems you have missed. This also keeps your rabbit’s chart updated, making it easier for them to diagnose any health problems or concerns that may pop up in the future. This is especially important if you have senior rabbits (5+ years old) because health problems and age tend to coincide. And if anything it will give you peace of mind that your pet is in perfect condition for it’s age.

IMG_9953Upgrade Your Rabbit’s Housing

The snow is whipping around outside, it’s freezing cold and most of us are hibernating in our homes until Spring arrives! It’s the perfect time for a great indoor project like building your rabbit a new home! Remember your rabbit should be housed in nothing smaller than a pen measuring 12 square feet. They need to be able to comfortably hop at least three times from one end to the other, sit up on their hind legs and periscope around. Additional levels to the enclosure will help keep those back legs nice and strong. If your rabbit’s cage does not meet these requirements then consider building them a new home this winter! To learn more about building your own rabbit condo click here.


Bunny ProofingIMG_9415

This is also a great time to get down on your hands and knees and double check your rabbit’s play area. Make sure any loose cords are tucked away or covered in cord protectors, unused outlets have baby locks on them and that household cleaners or any leftover holiday decorations are up and out of the way. You may be surprised to find that your rabbit went to town on the baseboards behind your couch and that you will need to block that off for future play time or that your bun has been digging a hole in your carpet. Before these cause damage to your rabbit, block them off. You can find more on bunny proofing here.

This IMG_7735may also be a good time to inspect your rabbit’s cage for any wear and tear and fix or patch up areas of concern.

Adopt Your Next Rabbit

February is just around the corner which means it’s almost Adopt A Rescued Rabbit month! If you have been considering welcoming a bunny in to your home why not make the resolution to adopt?! Rabbits are the third most abandoned animals in shelters and one of the most neglected and misunderstood pets out there! I promise your rescued rabbit will thank you for it!

Take More Photos!IMG_5819

This is a personal resolution for me! We all want our rabbits to live a long and healthy life and I certainly hope that they do! But the fact is we don’t know how long we will have with our beloved furbabies. Cherish every moment you have with them and capture as many memories as you can. With digital technology it costs us nothing to snap away and some times those candid shots will end up being the ones you treasure most.

Hopefully this gave you some fun and beneficial ideas to better your rabbit’s life and strengthen your bond! 

Wishing You All A Healthy And Hoppy 2015!

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2014: A Bun-tacular Year!

Wow did 2014 ever fly by! It was an incredibly busy one that brought many new and exciting changes for us!


The beginning of 2014 began as any other. While Mom, Dad and fellow Canadians braved snowstorm after snowstorm, us bunnies spent our days cozy and warm binkying around the house.


When that got too exhausting, we retreated to our condos and snuggled in to our warm and fuzzy beds!


But then Dad made a big decision! He decided it was time we found a home better suited for us and Mom agreed! They began working around the clock to fix up our house and get it ready to sell! The first of many big changes came when Mom and Dad disassembled our condos and we were moved in to large pens. Mom said it was so that she could easily pack us up when we had a showing at the house.


And then the fun began! We spent a few days at Auntie and Uncles and a few more at Grandma’s. We didn’t mind much and enjoyed the change of scenery! The weather was even pretty nice and we got to enjoy a few of those days outdoors with Mom by our side and in the safety of our pens!


Mom and Dad did a great job on the house and sold quickly! They fell in love with a new home even faster but unfortunately their dates didn’t line up and we were going to have a month in between for our new house. Mom promised us it would all be worth it in the end!


We spent a month in the country with Mom, and Dad came to visit on weekends. We had lots of space to play in the big pens that Mom and Dad set up! Although it was new territory we settled in quickly and often did binkies and laps around our pens! Then it was finally time to move in to our new home!


But our story doesn’t end there! While we waited in a temporary room, Dad and Grandpa set to work building us a special room of our very own!


Since we don’t all get along, they divided one of the bedrooms in half so that we each had our own living area with lots of floor space and things to keep us busy!


We have been in our new house for six months and although it was a crazy year, we have all settled in well and love our new home!


Hoppy New Year!


- The Bb Buns

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Bunday Sunday!


Submitted By: Chelsea

Meet Layla, an adorable 4 year old Holland Lop. Chelsea adopted Layla who is now a spoiled little diva! She loves food, cuddles and of course getting her way! If she’s not happy with something you’re doing she will let you know!

You can also find Layla on her own blog https://envirobunny.wordpress.com/ where owner Chelsea takes an environmentally friendly edge to rabbit care!

Thanks Chelsea!

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FAQ Friday: Your Advice Questions Answered!


What is the minimum size my rabbit’s cage should be?



Hi A,

The minimum standard set by the House Rabbit Society is an ex-pen. An ex-pen formed in to a rectangular shape is 6′ long x 2′ wide equalling 12 square feet of floor space. Your rabbit’s cage needs to be tall enough for your rabbit to easily stand up on his or her legs to periscope around as well as comfortably hop at least three times and not hit anything. On top of this your rabbit also requires at least 3 hours of free range daily floor time but more is always better!

If you are looking to build a cost effective and suitable home for your rabbit I highly suggest checking out the following links:

Blog: Building Your Own Bunny Condo – A Step By Step How To

Video: How To Build A Rabbit Condo

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BudgetBunny Published!


I was recently contacted by Bunnyzine, a monthly digital magazine that focuses on all things bunny and appear in this month’s issue!

Click on the photo to be taken to their website where you can download the issue for free or choose to make a donation.

Thank you so much to Dustin at Bunnyzine for taking the time to reach out to me!

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