Hoppy New Year! (And Year of the Rabbit!)

Rocky Having Too Much Fun On New Years Eve!

BudgetBunny returning after a joyous but busy holiday season!  I hope everyone else enjoyed their holidays and had a great but safe New Years!  If you’re feeling a little worn out from last night’s festivities (or perhaps from spending the night beside the loo), snuggle in to your comfy bed with a good book, a classic movie and your favourite pal (that would be your rabbit) by your side!

This year is a special year for us bunny lovers as it’s the Year of the Rabbit!  Kind of cool right?!  The rabbit represents sophistication, manners and sensitivity.  If you’d like to read a little more about the Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac check out:


Beginning a new year for most brings reflection and a determination to better one’s self through resolution making.  If you didn’t spend as much time with your bunny last year make a resolution to better your relationship!  Maybe these last few weeks were really busy (like at my house!) visiting family and friends for the holidays and you want to make up for some lost time spent with Buns.  Or perhaps you just never understood your rabbit in the first place.  Now’s the time to make a change and start developing that bond.  I promise you, the reward of having such a gentle and wonderful creature love you will be incredibly fulfilling!

Now that things are settling down and were heading in to the long and cold months of winter, BudgetBunny will be updating frequently with great DIY toys and tips so make sure to check back regularly!

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Hoppy New Year To All!


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