Building Your Own Bunny Condo

So you’re thinking about adding a rabbit to your family but those darn cages are so expensive!  Don’t worry, you’re not stuck buying one of those store bought homes, why not make your own!  There are several great reasons why building your own cage is the right alternative to purchasing one from a pet store….

It’s Cheaper!

That’s right!  You can build your own rabbit cage for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a cage from the pet store.

You Can Customize Your Cage To Suit Your Needs!

Our type of rabbit condos are built using 14″ square storage cubes.  That means you can truly customize them to the space you have available.  Build it taller if you have a narrow space to put the cage or longer if height is a restriction.  It’s also much easier to build your cage according to the size of rabbit you have when you’re in full control of it’s dimensions.

Your Cage Will Provide The Proper Space Your Rabbit Requires

Rabbit Organizations state that your rabbit should be able to hop at least three times from one end of their cage to the other, be able to stand up fully on their hind legs and there should be additional levels to provide good muscle development.  Store bought cages rarely meet these needs or are ridiculously expensive if you can find them.  In fact, other than a ridiculously over-priced Ex-Pen, I have yet to find a cage large enough for a rabbit to live comfortably.

A Larger Cage Is Easier To Clean

That’s right Ladies and Gentlemen.  A larger cage is actually easier to maintain!  Your rabbit is also more likely to develop proper litter box habits in a cage they can move around in and you’ll have more room to maneuver yourself inside the cage when you’re cleaning it.

It Prevents Boredom And Promotes Exercise

Imagine spending your life in a tiny box you can barely turn around in!  How boring that would be!  I know I feel cooped up if I’m stuck inside my house all day, let alone if I spent all day in my one piece bathroom!  By building your own rabbit condo, your bunny will have room to stretch, veg and play!  Plus you won’t feel so bad throwing some extra toys in there to keep them busy when you know there’s still plenty of space for buns too!

Guilt-Free Work Days

Okay I don’t know about you but when I go to work I feel horrible that my critters are at home without me!  Even though it’s hard leaving them every morning I feel confident that they have a happy home to spend their day in and I can make it up to them with a full night of free run play time when I get back!

More Enjoyable Rabbit Experience

So you’re rabbit has sat in a tiny box all day, bored to death and barely able to move around….do you think they’re going to be happy when they see you?  No way!  They’re going to be frustrated with boredom and all that pent up energy they weren’t able to expel while you weren’t home!  This can quickly lead to behavioural problems and I wouldn’t blame that bunny one bit!

Below is a video that will help you create your rabbit’s dream home!  Best of all, it requires few resources and all are easy to find!  A word to the wise, I’m a photographer, not a videographer so my skills are lacking but you’ll get the just of it!

I will be posting step by step instructions in a future blog if you’d prefer to read instead of watch the video but first something to really convince you to make your own cage:

The rabbit condo we built is actually two cages stacked on top of one another.  Each cage is 56″x 28″ x 28″.  To build the entire thing we spent around $160.  That’s it!  That’s only $80 per cage and our rabbits are living it up, let me tell you!  But check this out!  I found this ‘rabbit’ cage in a pet store the other day!  It’s a 42″ cage on sale for $199.99!  On sale!  Check out the photos, it’s nowhere near large enough for a full grown bunny and it’s regular price is $276.99!  Insane!

Bet you’re excited to watch the video now aren’t you?!

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