At Home Flip & Toss Toys

Sure those flip and toss toys at the pet store are cute, and it’s even cuter watching your rabbit play with them but you don’t need to spend tons of money – well any money really – to give your bunny the same good time!

Large plastic lids make a great alternative to the regular toys at the pet store and they’re free!  Some great lid choices include laundry detergent caps, peanut butter lids and even the large plastic gum containers made to fit your cup holder in your car!  When I’m finished with the product, I keep the lid, throw it in the dishwasher so it gets nice and clean and then give it to my rabbits.  Since they have a wider opening, my rabbits are able to get a good grip on the lid, then toss it in to the air!  Try it  I guarantee your bunnies will love it too!

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