A Reader’s Response!

Just wanted to take the time to post a couple of photos I received from one of my reader’s.  Alison recently built this cage for the new addition to her family, a Holland Lop Rabbit named Cookie!  Taking advice from BudgetBunny’s Build Your Own Rabbit Condo, she constructed an amazing cage out of storage cubes!  At only 3 months old, that is definitely one spoiled Bun!

Cookie is absolutely adorable Alison, thanks for the great photos!




Inspired by one of BudgetBunny’s blogs?  E-mail your pics to info@budgetbunny.ca!


2 Responses to A Reader’s Response!

  1. Don Edmunds says:

    It’s amazing how diverse the types of cages are that you can build with the method that you have shown us! I think I’m going to build one now for my son’s bunny. Thanks for the inspiring web site!

    • BudgetBunny says:

      Thank you so much for the positive comment!
      We would love to see what you come up with! If you’d like your cage
      displayed on BudgetBunny feel free to e-mail your completed cage photos
      to info@budgetbunny.ca! I’d love to be able to show our reader’s a
      variety of options, so they can get ideas for building their own cages.
      Good luck and happy building!

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