Bunday Sunday!

As the seasons change I thought the BudgetBunny site could also use a different look.  We have the most beautiful Maple in the front yard so I waited for the leaves to change and brought Rocky outside on a sunny morning in hopes of getting the perfect ‘header’ shot.  Right after shooting the photo he hopped under our truck, wrapped himself behind the tire and as I struggled to get him out, he wriggled out of his harness!  With Hubby’s help we were able to retrieve him but not before an ambush of bunnyness on Rocky’s part (that was interesting).  We are so relieved that Rocky is okay (my heart was pounding for about an hour afterwards) and also happy I got the photo I was looking for!

And to my Reader’s – I apologize for lacking in the toy department lately.  I have some wonderful ideas but since returning to work in August, life has just been getting in the way.  I hope to make some time soon to start regularly updating the site again.  In the meantime thank you all for reading!

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