A Bunny Room Disaster!


I think a tornado has passed through the bunny room this week!

Actually it was all me! While purging and organizing other rooms of the house, I came across a lot of rabbit related items. Destined for the bunny room, I tossed them in there! It all happened so quickly, I was overwhelmed!


Finally I had to tackle it!


And after an entire day of cleaning and organizing, the bunny room is back to normal! *Sighs in relief*


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  1. Crystal says:

    It looks like there is nothing preventing them from jumping from the top level or falling. I would be concerned they would jump or fall. Is that not a concern? I have built a 4 level condo and have a card board hidey box on one of the levels. One of my buns has become so interested in rearranging it, she has backed off the level and slipped to the one below. Just wondering. I love your set up.

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