Evening Outdoor Fun!


The bunnies have been loving the cooler weather we’ve had this month! They love to get outdoors for some fresh air, a bit of nibbling and of course to stretch their legs! I love bringing the bunnies outside – it makes for a faster cleanup and they get a larger space to run!


I also love pulling out larger toys like the Maze Haven when they’re playing outside! It provides a great hideaway when they feel nervous but also doesn’t take up much space outdoors!


Even though Willow had extra space to run she spent most of her time acting like her typical princess self and chose to oversee her surroundings from the safety of her castle.


Ollie was excited to get a taste of the fresh grass and bunny safe weeds!


Rocky decided to spend his time nosing through my pots to see if I had anything especially delicious hidden in them! When I offered him some of the mint I’d been growing however, he had the nerve to turn his nose up at it!


And Honey had a great time binkying away, taking full advantage of the extra space she’d been given for playtime!

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