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I’m getting my rabbit neutered in a few weeks and was wondering if it’s okay for them to resume everyday activities afterwards or does there need to be some recovery time?



Hi A!

After the surgery the most important thing to do is get your rabbit eating. Provide lots of hay, pellets and his/her favourite treats and veggies! Now is not the time to watch their diet, you want to ensure they get their gut moving as soon as possible. Rabbits who go without eating can easily go in to g.i. stasis which completely shuts down their system and can cause death. Sometimes offering small amounts of really sweet foods like banana or apple can help as well. You can also offer a small amount of apple or pineapple juice (no sugar added). In extreme cases you may have to resort to force feeding Critical Care until your rabbit begins eating on it’s own again. It’s okay if your rabbit just nibbles here and there the first few days as they have just undergone a major surgery and may not be up to eating much. The important thing is to make sure that they are indeed eating.

You’ll also want to keep your rabbit caged for about 7-10 days and block off access to any ramps/levels in the cage. The more they stretch, hop and move, the more likely it is that they will put pressure on the wound and could rip or tear their stitches. The incision needs time to fully heal before bunny becomes too active again.

To prevent anything from getting trapped in the incision, remove any litter or shavings from the cage and/or litterbox and replace with sheets of newspaper. Change these twice daily to keep the living area nice and clean as you don’t want to cause an infection. This is a great time to check how much your rabbit is pooping. The more he’s pooping, the more he’s eating.

Finally spend lots of time with your rabbit. He’s been through a lot and will want the comfort of his owner to know that he’s going to be okay. If your vet has sent him home with antibiotics make sure to give them as per your vet’s instructions. Continue to monitor how he’s looking. Is the incision clean? Does it look like it’s healing well? Is he eating and drinking? Are your rabbit’s eyes clear and bright? If there is anything that is worrying to you about how your rabbit is acting please seek the advice of your vet immediately.

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