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I am in the process of building a rabbit condo out of NIC storage grids and was wondering what you would recommend for the base of it? I have looked at coroplast for the flooring as some people have suggested this to me however I am unsure if this would really work well. I have also thought about using plywood and covering it with carpet or some sort of plastic. What would you recommend?




Hi L,

I wouldn’t use coroplast for a rabbit as they can be fairly destructive and are generally major chewers. I don’t think that it would hold up well to those busy bunny teeth! We used untreated pine wood for the base of our cages which is perfectly safe for small pets to chew on. We chose to tile it to make it semi-waterproof and to make it easy for cleanups. The rabbits also have beds, litterboxes and cardboard boxes to change the consistency under their feet. Some people choose to use carpet instead but I felt this wouldn’t be very sanitary for our rabbits as they can be a little messy. I was also worried about them ingesting any fibres from the carpet as Rocky and Honey love to dig and chew at it.

Have you checked out the video I have on how we built our rabbit condos? It may help to give you a few ideas:

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  1. Heather says:

    What are the dimensions of all your wood shelf levels for the 4x4x2 condo? I think I will be building on like yours and everywhere I’ve looked so far I can not find specific dimensions for a condo this size. Thank you!

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