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Hi BudgetBunny!

So I just got a lionhead rabbit and I am in the taming process as she is quit shy. She will often hop away from my hand when I reach out to her. Today when I was offering treats to her she hopped up to me and was taking them from my hand but she was also nipping me. Sometimes it was quite hard! I stopped giving her treats as I didn’t want to reward this but I was wondering why she did this and if I should stop the behaviour or is she just exploring my hand with her mouth?

Thank you!



Hi H!

It sounds like you have one bossy bunny on your hands! It is good that you stopped giving her treats after she began nipping you. The next time that she bites let out a high pitched ‘eeeeeeeeeee’ sound. This is the sound that a rabbit makes when it is frightened and will hopefully show her that she’s hurting you. I am thinking that she is trying to be the boss and get more food from you by nipping so whatever you do don’t reward this behaviour in any way. Hopefully this will curb the behaviour. I know that you mentioned she is a little shy of your hand however when she is relaxing try to gently come up to her and pet her so that she begins to associate your hand with a good thing.

Bb Note: H replied to me a few days later to say that making that sound worked and her bunny hasn’t nipped since!



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  1. mochalovers25 says:

    i got a lion head just lately to and she is doing the same thing but when i screech it scares her down stairs nabor the polish rabbit

    • BudgetBunny says:

      Hi there! Unfortunately this can’t really be avoided if they are housed together however if you are having floor time in a separate room, I would suggest closing a door so the sound will at least be muffled.

  2. Willie says:


    my bunny gets very hyper when I have food. He jumps over to me and at many times he will just nip in my hand because he is unpatience… The rabbit of my friend just eats it carefully out of her hands…

    • BudgetBunny says:

      Hey Willemijn!
      Some bunnies are just bossy! I would still try the screech thing. When he nips never ever give him the treat or piece of food anyways – this just shows him that when he nips you’ll give in and he’ll get what he wants. Some rabbits can be pretty territorial about food dishes and such so if this is also the case I would fill up dishes when your rabbit isn’t in his cage. Hope that helps! 🙂

  3. Tina says:

    My rabit is 9 months is that too late to get her spayed?

  4. Crazzywolf15 says:

    Dear budget bunny,
    I gave my bunny a natural pine cone as a toy since i saw it in your video, but my bunny eats everything. so i was wondering if its okay if she eats it or if its bad for her. right now i took it away just in case. i would search on the internet but i think you might know more. Please answer back if you can. thank you!

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