Bunday Sunday!


Submitted By: Aurin

Meet Toby and Sparkles. Toby is the black rabbit and Sparkles the one with the tan markings. Sadly these beautiful bunnies have a past filled with neglect and abuse. Aurin was working as a tech assistant at a humane society a year and a half ago when these two were brought in. Injured, dirty and hungry, Toby and Sparkles had to undergo surgery and weeks of healing. While Toby and Sparkles recovered, gained weight and grew healthy, Aurin was there to snuggle them, give them the love and attention they needed as well as administer their medications. When they had finally healed enough to enter foster care Aurin immediately volunteered and adopted them soon after. Toby and Sparkles are never apart, their bond inseparable and now have the loving, forever home they’ve always deserved.

Thanks Aurin!

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