Eb 6Meet Eddie Buns! This beautiful black bunny has been overlooked too many times. She would love to give her heart to you if only you would give her the chance to do so! Unfortunately black rabbits often go unnoticed because they lack more interesting colour patterns and markings than other rabbits. Eddie Buns has so much love and happiness to give – will it be to you?

Eddie Buns is being fostered through the Rescue Angels Society who are a non-profit organization located in Toronto, Ontario. They are at the Downsview Merchant Flea Market on weekends and any families that are interested in a particular rabbit can arrange to have a meet and greet.

Eddie Buns’ adoption fee is $150 which includes her spay, grooming, nail clipping, deworming and a promise that she has been socialized to the best of RAS extents.

If you are interested in Eddie Buns becoming a part of your family please contact the Rescue Angels Society via Facebook here or Instagram here.

Downsview Merchant Flea Market: 40 Carl Hall Road, Toronto, Ontario



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