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Hi BudgetBunny!

I was browsing on Amazon for some rabbit chew toys and found a bunch for a great price. The problem is that some of them use pine wood. I know that rabbits shouldn’t be kept on pine shavings because of their delicate respiratory systems but I was wondering if pine wood toys were also unsafe.



Hi Y!

Untreated pine wood is perfectly safe for your rabbit. In fact, the majority of wooden toys you find in pet shops are made from untreated pine. Pine is also what we constructed our rabbit condos out of for this same reason. The reason pine shavings are bad is because of the process that pine wood goes through to become pine shavings. This process is what releases aromatic oils that are bad for your rabbit’s respiratory system.




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  1. Isabella says:

    Hi mrs.bb I have to get both my buns spayed and neutered so that they can live together. I am worried about my baby girl I could never see her again. Also how do you tell if you have a vet? Love you and your buns and all the other pets.

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