Hanging Nibble & Chew Toy

This toy will provide hours of excitement for your rabbit!  See them try to pull it down, swing it around and chew away!


These can vary greatly depending on what you already have in the house but here are some suggestions –

  • Wooden shapes (not dyed and all natural)
  • Plastic bottle caps
  • Pieces of cardboard
  • Kraft paper
  • Wooden beads (not dyed and all natural)
  • Toilet paper / paper towel rolls
  • Thick twine
  • Book Ring
  • Drill (optional)
  • Scissors, pencil, 3 hole punch, utility knife (optional)


  • Again this is dependent on what supplies you’re choosing to use but can range anywhere from being free up to $10 if you’re buying many of the supplies for the first time.  Again many of these things like the twine, book rings and wooden shapes come in large quantities so you’ll be able to use them in further projects.

BudgetBunny Money Savings Tip:  This is a great time to browse your local dollar store.  The large wooden shapes I used for our hanging toy all in came in packages of 10-20 shapes at Dollarama.  A few of the smaller wooden shapes I found at the local craft store where a pack of 50 were around $3 and the wooden beads were in a pack of 50 for $5.


If you wish to use any hard items like wooden shapes or plastic bottle caps you’ll want to drill a hole in the center of each one.  I prefer to spend some time drilling all of the items I have laying around that need drilling first so I’m ready when a new idea pops in my head!  If you’re under 16 have an adult do this for you.

If you are using items such as kraft paper, t.p. rolls and cardboard start cutting these in to smaller pieces.  Try cutting circles a few inches wide out of the paper and a 4 inch wide rectangle out of the cardboard.  I cut the t.p. rolls in to smaller rings.  Next you’ll want to poke a hole in each of these.  You can use a hole punch for this part, sharp scissors, a pencil or knife just be careful not to cut yourself!

Cut yourself a piece of twine about 18″ long.  This gives you lots of extra if the twine starts unravelling (as mine does) while putting on your chew items.  Leave a loop at the top so you have a way to fasten your toy to the cage.  And finally it’s time to put the toy together!  Choose a mixture of items, sliding each one on the string until you’ve reached your desired length.  Triple knot the toy at the bottom and cut the excess string off.  Use a book ring to fasten the toy on your cage and watch the bunnies go nuts for it!


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